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About Casna

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About Casna

Casna began life in 1989 as a small family business.  Today we clean 5 star hotels, high end hospitality and sports venues, offices, universities and more for a blue chip client base. We are ISO accredited, have over 600 staff,  run round the clock operations 365 days a year and we’ve carved a world-class reputation for delivering quality. That’s because we set out 25 years ago to provide a service as close to cleaning perfection as possible … and we still do.  

We never take our clients or our business for granted and always look for ways to improve. To us, this means investing in every area of the business, from employees through to products, efficiencies and ultimately, service. Our wide portfolio of clients may include prestigious public venues and some of the most demanding hotels in the world but our clients and staff stay with us – we have by far the lowest staff turnover in the industry and many of our client relationships have lasted more than 15 years.

We are hands on and involved from top to bottom.  You’ll find our Senior Managers on site regularly, meeting clients, motivating staff and checking that our standards stay world class.     

Our Operational Support Team provide a 24/7 service to the teams and managers on site, 365 days a year.

We use technology to speed up processes and deliver better service. Our dynamic, real time reporting system e-clean speeds up communication and empowers our managers to make instant decisions on site.

The Casna Leadership Academy provides a progressive training route for all professional development from operatives to senior management.

All our purchasing, partnerships and practices are formed within a framework of sustainability - to see how we do this, just download our environmental and sustainability policy.

And we audit every aspect of our service delivery on every client site from people and performance through to sustainability, giving each client a detailed quarterly report tracking their progress. 

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