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Assistant Supervisor

Actually Roshello, we said it's not a cushy job, not it's a cushion job.

Assistant Supervisor

As the 2nd in command to the Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor is anything but a cushy job.

As Roshello himself knows, it's a varied and challenging job and, of course, it’s the first step on the Casna management ladder too.

This means compliance and health and safety become part of the remit, and good team communication is a necessity.

Daily tasks cover everything from managing the cleaning activities and people through to inspections, spot checks, reports and scheduling.

There are cleaning projects to be supervised, staff training needs to be identified and stock to be controlled. Stock can be very unruly if left to its own devices.

Basically the job can be summed up as solving problems before they can develop.

We recruit Supervisors from outside but we are proud to say that many of our current staff have developed through the ranks from Operatives.

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