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Back of House Operative

Raimonda demonstrating the fine art of mushroom carrying.


Back of House Operative

Back of House means everything behind the doors that are usually marked 'private - staff only'.   So back of house cleaning just means servicing areas of the hotel or venue that the general public does not have access to.  And occasionally helping out your colleagues in the kitchen.

In our view, back of house cleaning has to be just as thorough and just as good as the cleaning standards for the public areas.

Our back of house operatives will clean staff toilets, changing rooms, offices, kitchens rest areas and so on.  They also look after floors (hoovering, sweeping, mopping polishing etc), and clean walls and ceilings. Inbetween, they will be dusting and cleaning glass, mirrors and other shiny surfaces, plus wiping tables, chairs, and other furniture. The best word to describe this job is busy.

Our operatives come from all walks of life and many different countries (Raimonda is from Lithuania) so you will be working with an interesting team.

If you take pride in what you do, we can give you a job you will be proud of.

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