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No flaws in our floors. Thanks to our floormen. 


If you've ever wondered what a floorman does, it’s really pretty simple. He (or she!) looks after floor maintenance in specific areas of our client sites.

Some floor work is done by Front of House Operatives (like Solomon above who is steam cleaning poolside) but our clients have a lot of specialised floor cleaning needs and that’s where our specialist floor cleaners come into play.

Because it is a specialised job our floormen attend certified training programmes to make sure they are up to speed in all the latest techniques and materials. There’s a lot of different powered equipment to learn like scrubbing machines, wet pick-up machines, steam machines and polishing machines. Floor cleaning can mean anything from deep cleaning to marble restoration, and you never know when you might need to clear up after flooding or other emergencies.

Our floormen are all reasonably strong because this is quite a physical job and, as such an important part of the Casna crew on site, they are also team players.

Other than that it's the usual Casna attributes we look for in our floormen - flexibility, attitude and a passion to deliver the best job possible.  After all, we want our floormen to wipe the floor with our competitors.

If you are fascinated by floors (and who isn’t?) why not talk to Casna about training as a Floorman. Download an application form here.