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Kitchen Cleaner

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Casna cleaning in action!



Kitchen Cleaner

Actually the handsome chap in our picture is a Supervisor in real life but this proves he is happy to get his hands dirty.  To be a kitchen cleaner with Casna you should really like working as part of a team, and chipping in wherever needed (like our lovely Santigue did when we needed to take a picture).  

Our Kitchen Cleaners generally work overnight making sure that the kitchen is totally spotless and ready for a new day. Normally there are a wide variety of tasks that need doing every night, beginning with cleaning floors, walls and ceilings.  Then there are also fridges, ovens and a whole host of food preparation machines that need constant cleaning too. We can guarantee you'll always be busy and you'll need to be fit as well. (Did you notice the muscles?)  

Making sure London's best kitchens are hygienic and safe is vital work. Consequently our kitchen cleaners need to know all about health and safety and hygiene, so Casna makes sure all our staff are fully trained as part of the job.

If you think you'd make a good kitchen cleaner why not download an application form and apply now?