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Kitchen Porter

Rarely has one tap been so loved. Sylvia, tapping into her talents back of house.

Kitchen Porter

When she is not at college studying Sylvia is busy being an adaptable Cleaning Operative with Casna. To fit around her studies she works in all sorts of scenarios including both front and back  of house, with day nad night cleaning.

Unlike a lot of cleaning jobs, being a kitchen porter is mainly daytime work, working alongside the chefs and serving staff as they prepare and serve food for their dining guests.

The idea is to keep the kitchen operation running smoothly by handling all the background tasks. This means washing up crockery, utensils and cutlery so the staff have a continuous clean supply to hand.  Food preparation equipment needs constant cleaning too.

Being a kitchen porter is what we like to call ‘light cleaning’ although you may occasionally be doing some heavy cleaning of ovens, fridges and so on. Normally though, the deeper cleaning tasks like fridges, hobs and ovens are handled by the overnight kitchen cleaners, whilst the kitchen is unoccupied.

A good kitchen porter is a valuable member of the kitchen team so if you like a busy environment and are happy to work hard, it could be a perfect job. Why not download an application form.