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Quality Guarantees

It may not be a space mission but failure is still not an option. 

Quality Guarantees

We know that every cleaning company will claim to have a quality management system and terrific reporting. We’ve seen their claims to be ‘green’ and we’ve read about how they support and develop their people. And we have no reason to disbelieve any of it – after all, we tell the truth when we claim to do all these things too.

The real difference is, we prove it through a proactive, independent and continuous auditing system that we include as part of our core service to you.

The audit system we’ve devised covers every aspect of our service delivery and provides quantifiable results data.

Using data from client feedback, our own audit measures and results from the independent external auditing service SAFAS, the audit is tailored to your site requirements and covers every aspect of our service from staff presentation, to cleaning standards and sustainability. 

Performance under 95% triggers an amber alert and anything under 86% is a red alert with an immediate rectification programme.

We don’t edit the results so you’ll always have a clear, unvarnished snapshot of our performance.

This is in addition to KPIs that we agree in advance of the contract and deliver at no cost to the client. And our ISO accreditations.

And it is backed up by extra measures such as  bio swabbing, electronic reporting and regular client meetings.

Esentially, when you choose the Casna brand, we promise to deliver four things: Quality, Transparency, Reliability and Integrity.

So it’s  not just that we set our targets are higher than our competitors.  It’s that we  reach them too.