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Night Area Manager

This is Rakib - known to all his friends as Rex. He's one of our talented Night Area Managers.

Night Area Manager

Rex is one of our Night Area Managers which means he has a responsible front-line job heading up a large and busy team and liaising directly with Casna clients.  

Like all of our Area Managers Rex is a pro-active person with excellent time management skills - what we like to call "a bit of a star".  That's why he was promoted to his current position from within the company - we don't just recognise talent, we reward it too.   

Rex has personal responsibity  for cleaning contracts at multiple client sites, and directly oversees all of the Operations Executives, Supervisors and Cleaning Operatives in his region. 

For this he needs to be really good at managing personnel but that is only part of the story.  As well as managing his operational teams Rex is having regular meetings with clients, compiling reports and audits for them, and ensuring that Casna is delivering on or above target on KPIs.

If you have ambitions to be like Rex (or if you think you already are) why not apply for a job with Casna. You can download an application form here