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Room Attendant

Sheets as sheets should be. Blissfully crisp, beautifully clean. Thanks Maria.  

Room Attendant

A Casna Room Attendant is not just about delivering a clean and tidy room - it’s a front line job with lots of client contact and where every detail needs to be just so.

Because our room attendants are more likely than other cleaning operatives to be meeting members of the public and our clients' guests, personal appearance and personality are even more important than usual.

It’s not enough that we think they are wonderful – we need everyone they meet to feel the same way.

That's why we train all our Room Attendants through the Casna Housekeeping Academy before they do their on-site training.

We pre-train all our housekeeping staff on how to clean and tidy the multitude of surfaces and objects found in hotel rooms and suites, before they go on to learn the specific rules applying to each hotel.

We also spend a lot of time training staff in customer skills so that they are confident about dealing with members of the public and comfortable about offering help in any situation.

All our room attendants are representing the hotel as well as Casna, so they need to be a great ambassador for both of us.  Really, it’s all about offering an extra level of service quality.

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