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Samitha Jayakody

Don't be fooled by the quizzical expression- Samitha always knows what's what (and who's who and where's where).

All about me

As the Day Contract Manager, Samitha (and his team) look after all of the day cleaning contracts for Casna.  Basically, Samitha's job is to keep oversight of all the day contracts, making sure the Supervisors and Site Managers are always up to speed and on track.

Before coming to Casna, Samitha was Chief Steward at the Chancery Court Hotel so he knows exactly what it is like to be working on the front line with customers and brings this insight to his role with Casna.

He also has a BSc in Business Administration so brings an enviable mix of business theory and practical expertise in the high end of the hospitality industry to Casna.  

On the social side he is a bit of a fanatic about rugby and cricket, which can make for some interesting discussions in the office.