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Scope of Services

To us, there's no such thing as out of sight being out of mind.

Scope of Services

We cover the full spectrum of professional cleaning services. 

In the luxury hotel sector our clients are amongst the most famous hotels in the world... so we think our track record speak for itself.  We clean kitchens, toilets, corridors, receptions, dining rooms, bars, spas, pools, bedrooms - you name it. We clean inside and outside. We clean precious surfaces and industrial worktops.  We clean high and low and, above all we clean above to perfection. We even have our own training academy for room attendants.

In the stadia and event sectors we clean all aspects of indoor and outdoor stadia from the seats in the playing bowl and the concrete in the car parks through to the private dressing rooms and the highest specification hospitality boxes. All our operatives have intensive training through the Leadership & Skills Academy and all our plans are predicated on clean venues at the beginning and end of each event day… with more cleaning in-between.

For leisure and workplace environments we can clean all types of venues from historic palaces to offices, universities and any building designed to accommodate large numbers of people. From feather dusters for precious objects through to marble polishers for floors and specialist kit for escalators, we handle every type of cleaning challenge and task imaginable. 

We fit around your schedules and not vice versa. As a company we are more than accustomed to coping with peaks in demand, heavy traffic and an almost instantaneous turn around. Our operations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We do deep-cleans, emergency cleans, annual cleans and specialist cleans. And I should mention that our sustainability promise means we always clean as green as we can.

So you don’t really need to ask if we can handle your cleaning task because the answer is yes, and always to world-class standards.  But please ask us anyway. Our number is at the top of the page. We’ll take you to one of our client hotels so you can see our 5 star service in practise (and enjoy a coffee and a biscuit too of course).