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Tamara Livingstone

Hates photographers. Hates having her photo taken. Good at forcing a smile under pressure.

All about me

Poor Tamara.  It was bad enough she was forced to have her picture taken and now look... up on the website for all to see.  

Well we told her, when you are Head of the HR function you just have to be prepared to put your face out there.  So get on with it.

You’d think that with over 15 years’ experience working in multi-national companies she’d be a little more media friendly by now, but Tamara is one of these people who likes to beaver away in the background, smoothing the path for everyone else.  Which she does superbly.

In fact, Tamara is really very approachable if you are not holding a camera. And a total whizz at policy, which is a particularly good thing as she is the the champion and watchdog for Casna's ISO Accreditations.