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Your Path to a Fulfilling Career

Unleash your potential with Casna Group. Join our exceptional team and embark on a rewarding career that exceeds your expectations. Discover exciting opportunities and be part of our mission to redefine gold standards in cleaning. Your journey starts here.


Your Path to a Fulfilling Career

Unleash your potential with Casna Group. Join our exceptional team and embark on a rewarding career that exceeds your expectations. Discover exciting opportunities and be part of our mission to redefine gold standards in cleaning. Your journey starts here.

Unlock Your Potential

Flexible hours, competitive pay, and endless opportunities for growth: your path to a rewarding career at Casna Group

At Casna Group, we offer an excellent choice for advancing your career. With flexible working hours, we understand the importance of work-life balance and strive to accommodate your schedule. We provide competitive pay rates that recognize your skills and dedication. Through our comprehensive training and development programmes, you can continuously enhance your skills and expand your knowledge. As our valued employee, you will have access to a range of benefits designed to support your well-being and professional growth. With a strong commitment to career progression, we nurture talent and offer opportunities for advancement within our organisation. As a trusted employer, we prioritise the welfare of our employees and provide a drawdown wages service for added financial stability. Join us and experience the rewards of a fulfilling career with stable hours and endless possibilities for personal and professional development.

Core Benefits

Flexible Working Hours

At Casna Group, we understand the importance of work-life balance. We offer flexible working hours to accommodate your schedule and personal commitments, ensuring that you have the freedom to manage your time effectively.

Paid Holidays and Other Daily Perks

In addition to competitive pay, we provide generous paid holiday entitlement to our employees. You’ll also enjoy other daily perks such as free meals at most client sites, smart uniforms, and access to various employee benefits.

Professional Training

We believe in investing in our employees’ professional development. Through our comprehensive training and development program, you’ll have access to regular skills training, delivered by our own Leadership Academy and external partners. We empower you to enhance your skills and knowledge, setting you up for success in your career.

Great Career Path

Casna Group offers a clear and rewarding career path. We value internal promotion and provide opportunities for growth and advancement within the company. Many of our current supervisors and managers started as cleaning operatives and have progressed their careers with us.

Rewards and Recognition

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our employees. That’s why we have a rewards and recognition program in place. From cash rewards for referring a friend to certificates of achievement and special bonuses, we make sure your contributions are acknowledged and celebrated.

Team Ethos

At Casna Group, we foster a strong team ethos. We work collaboratively and support each other to achieve our collective goals. You’ll be part of a cohesive team where teamwork and mutual respect are valued.

Nearly Forgot...

We take care of the small details that matter to our employees. From ensuring a positive and friendly work environment to promoting a culture of trust and open communication, we strive to create an exceptional employee experience that makes you proud to be part of the Casna team.

Our Jobs


Can you claim to be ambitious, passionate and organised? Have you got great people and leadership skills? Do you work well under pressure? Yes? Then why haven’t we met you yet?

If you can do all this, we want you on our team. As a Supervisor you’ll make sure that the Casna crew delivers consistently excellent performance. It’s a flexible and demanding job with shiftworking. 40 – 48 hours per week across a 7-day work week so only the dedicated (and talented) should apply.

Apply now and kick start your management career.


To be a member of our senior management team you’ll need to have multiple years of experience in hospitality and events industries, but we have some great middle management roles and we’re not shy about taking on and training people when we like their attitude and ethos.

Basically, as a Casna Manager you’ll need to be well prepared for fast-paced decision making under pressure and leading from the front. Is that you?

Then put on your best adaptability shoes, sharpen up your initiative and apply now.

Tell us about yourself.

Kitchen Porter

Kitchen Porter is a vital job handling all the background tasks that keep a professional kitchen running smoothly. Working here you can expect to work variable shifts, day or night, up to 40 hours a week. It’s a job where the unexpected is normal.

If you have cleaning experience or a knowledge of the hospitality industry that’s ideal, but it’s not vital – we train all our kitchen porters in cleaning techniques, hygiene regulations and health and safety.

Whetted your appetite?

Floor Specialist

Our Floor Specialists maintain specific floor types for a range of clients so you need to be flexible – night working and working on multiple sites is normal in this job. You also need to handle heavy machinery, so being physically strong is a bit of a must.

If you’ve got previous experience in cleaning and hotel services that’s great, but it’s not essential as we’ll give you full training via certified training programmes. What you do need is to be passionate about hygiene and customer service.

Get in on the ground floor and…

Cleaning Operatives

Night cleaning in hotels is perfect for people who have to juggle their time and commitments but if days suit you better, then you’re likely to be in one of our kitchen porter or room attendant teams. We offer part time and full time positions so you can choose to work the hours that best suit your schedule – as many (up to 40 hours a week) or as few as you need.

Previous cleaning experience is desirable, but we can give you any training you need. Most of all, we want a ‘can do’ attitude from people who want to do a great job.

So apply now and clean up on a new career.

Room Attendant

Join us as a Room Attendant and work in some of the country’s finest hotels in London. Previous experience is good to have but don’t worry if you are new to this type of work; so long as you are well groomed, with a friendly personality and good English we’ll teach you everything else you need to know. And it’s daytime working, which a lot of people really like.