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Corporate Responsibility

Yeats once said "Tread softly because you tread on my dreams." We are positively tip-toeing.

At Casna, we take our commitments to the wider community very seriously.

In the hospitality industry we support a number of social initiatives as a company and as individuals. In fact, our very own Nick “iron legs” Appell has trekked up Kilimanjaro, completed a North Pole marathon and most recently ran 7 marathons on seven days to help raise money for the causes Casna has sponsored.

Our Commitment to People and Community

At Casna Group, we firmly believe that our people are the cornerstone of our success. We value our employees and prioritise their well-being, providing fair remuneration, excellent working conditions, and ample opportunities for professional development. Our workforce is diverse, representing over 50 nationalities, and we foster an inclusive and culturally vibrant working environment. Moreover, we actively support social initiatives and charities, contributing to the betterment of our wider community.

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our organisational culture. With a workforce encompassing individuals from various backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, we celebrate the richness that diversity brings. We recognise that a diverse workforce cultivates creativity, innovation, and collaboration, enabling us to serve our clients better and meet the unique needs of a global marketplace. By embracing diversity, we create a supportive and inclusive work environment where everyone is valued, respected, and empowered to make meaningful contributions.

Beyond our internal operations, we are committed to positively impacting the broader community. As a responsible corporate citizen, we actively support social initiatives and charitable organisations that align with our values and have a significant impact. From sponsoring training and development programs to contributing to causes focused on sustainable employment and child welfare, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change. By giving back to the community, we aim to create a lasting and meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and the communities we serve.